Colligo's first official community get-together in Singapore

Colligo's first official community get-together in Singapore

Jul 01, 2023Ringo Fan

Since the start of Colligo, we’ve been passionate about the essence of cycling being embedded not just in the joy of riding but also in the sense of community that comes with it. When we coined the name “Colligo Collective”, we knew that we wanted to be a people-first brand and that developing a network of like-minded riders would be our next steps.

On the 24th of June, we hosted our first community get-together in Singapore. This community event was all about celebrating the spirit of cycling and fostering connections with our riders, while engaging in meaningful discussion so that we could get to know our community better, and vice versa.

The event kicked off with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where riders from various backgrounds came together to get to know each other. 


Our event was a casual way for us to introduce our brand and its core intentions to our new friends and fellow riders in the community, as well as to soft-launch our upcoming bicycle cover bags project to gather collaborative feedback. Afterall, "Colligo", derived from the Latin word, symbolizes the gathering of ideas and people that has a huge part in the direction of what we’re building.  

To break the ice, we organized cycling-centric games with question and activity cards as prompts for conversation. The highlights of this activity were our very own bicycle charades, and an unexpectedly insightful discussion into every rider’s different preferences on whether they would travel with their bikes. 



One of our favorite parts of the event was the enthusiasm in the discussions surrounding the development of our bicycle cover bags. We managed to gain valuable feedback, suggestions and insights that are now being implemented in our new prototypes. This discussion fuelled our belief that the community should be actively involved in shaping the products they use, because it is the only way to ensure that the final product truly caters to their needs and becomes 100% community-approved.

It is in that spirit that we’ve coined the term “By the collective, for the collective” as our brand’s official slogan. 


With that, we’re so happy that our first official community get-together in Singapore was a huge success. We’re stoked to further develop and grow the Colligo Collective experience, and if you’re on the lookout to join our next event, stay tuned to our community page or socials for news on upcoming gatherings and rides. We’d love to have you.

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