Who are the Collective?

We're a vibrant community of riders passionate about all things cycling, and an expanding network of like-minded individuals who want to contribute back to the sport.

Embark on your cycling journey with us as a group of passionate cyclers from all walks of life and experiences. Colligo Collective is a community-first brand with a love for engaging with what makes the sport so brilliant - the people.

By the Collective, for the Collective.

The brand identity was derived first from the latin word 'Colligo' to represent a gathering of ideas and people that make up the heart of the cycling community.

More than just a ride; Colligo Collective is all about the community of cyclists, and is devoted to cultivating a space where people can come together to share their love for the ride, regardless of where they're at in their riding journey.

Co-creating products that matter.

Our mission is to give you a say in how your product is designed.

The products should start with you, the real cyclists, developing your ideas and improving on each iteration with your feedback is fundamental.

With your own unique set of experiences combined with the experiences of others within the community, bring to life products that will seamlessly upgrade the cycling experience for al.

It starts with you.

We listen to the discourse and conversations within the cycling community to understand what cycling needs have yet to be addressed in the market.

We develop your ideas.

Through community engagement and conversation, thoughtful products are
born from the ideas generated by cyclists and their everyday experience
on their bikes

Improvement through your feedback.

Prototypes are tested by the collective and improved with every revised version. The prototypes go through the hands of real cyclists within the collective and many others through our partnership programs.

It starts with you.
We develop your ideas.
Improvement through your feedback.

The end result is a product that you've co-created with us, and that you'll absolutely love.

Our Stories

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